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Service support for Shelter UK

After meeting an employee of Shelter UK, our school (staff and students) decided that they would like to fully engage with the service and related support. This has taken many formats but most recently our year 7s have engaged in activities as part of their enrichment afternoons. this has resulted in a big winter campaign for Shelter


The aim of the partnership is to try and engage our students in helping those less fortunate. This is part of our drive for Service education moving away from simply collecting money to giving of time and energy. 

There was an identified need of a) volunteers and b) those recently in temporary accomodation


Critical to success is the engagement of students and parents. It is also important that Shelter Uk are able to identify and support with tangible activities. 


Immediate beneficiaries are those making use of the Charity, Shelter


The partnership came about due to Shelter contacting the school to support with fundraising. The headmaster engaged them in a discussion about service learning that, in turn, could lead to fundraising. Now in place for 18 months


Time is the biggest resource required in order for the partnership to be successful.


teacing staff and non-teaching staff are engaged in terms of enrichment afternoons, trips and house competitions.

Parents have also become actively involved. 


There has been a clear impact on our students through their increased understanding of homelessness and the impact it has. 

At the end of the first trach of activity the Headmaster, Head of English and two staff members from Shelter met to discuss successes and areas for improvement 

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 have been the most involved and due to the content of need, this has been most appropriate. That said, all ages were involved in the Shelter big gift and children in years 1-8 have been involved in House activities relating to Shelter. Our Choirs (year 5-8) were recently involved in singing for Shelter




Currently Year 7s engage for one hour each week