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Lovell Court retirement home

This relationship was forged after a chance meeting in a restaurant between the headmaster's wife and one of the residents. 


This led to a partnership forming which involves visiting the residential home or picking up residents and welcoming them to our school


The aim of the partnership is for our children to interact with local community members, especially the elderly 


The immediate beneficiaries are the residents


The opportunity was identified by the Headmaster's wife and indeed she drove the early days of the relationship. 


It has now been established since October 2018


Limited resources are required other than school minibuses


Benefits of the activity are evident through the feedback from the residents. This has included a cheque on behalf of their fundraising committee for our school to give to the charity of our choice. 


the assessment of impact is ongoing and cannot be shown as 'results', more in how our children interact with community members

Pupil Involvement

Year 4 are heavily involved as they are at the forefront of the Harvest festival. Other children and staff are engaged in other opportunities including our choirs which range from Year 1-8


This is an ongoing relationship and takes place two to three times per year. We sincerely hope that this relationship is an everlasting one.