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School to School Support

Wellington College has supported the Academy since its opening in 2009.  Following Wellington Colege's designation as a Teaching School in 2013, the Academy became the Teaching School's main priority for the delivery of School to School Support. 


The main aim of the project is to improve pupil outcomes at The Wellington Academy, and to promote the ethos of Wellington College at the Academy.


The partnership emerged from Wellington College's sponsorship of The Wellington Academy. The opportunity was identified from both sides. The partnership was established in 2009 when The Academy opened; it became more developed in 2013 following Wellington College's designation as a Teaching School. 


Staff time is the key resource to enable the success of the project. Most of the support is delivered on site at The Wellington Academy, although pupils are brought to Wellington College for some activities. A substantial number of Wellington College teachers have been involved in activities with The Academy, whether in direct teaching interventions or in joint INSET. Several Wellington College staff members have moved to The Wellington Academy in senior roles, whether on long-term secondment, or as a permanent move. The present Principal of the Wellington Academy was a Deputy Head at Wellington College.


GCSE attainment at A*-C including English and Maths has improved from 37% in 2014 to 50% in 2015. 

Pupil Involvement

All year 9 pupils from Wellington College and The Wellington Academy engage in a team-building event known as "The Grubby Run", which is planned throughout the academic year, and which occurs annually in June. 


Wellington College's support for The Wellington Academy is an ongoing commitment; a product of its role as Sponsor, and a function of its designation as aTeaching School.