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Refugees Welcome

A group of refugees come to Worth every Wednesday to learn alongside our pupils. Until the end of the 2017/18 year, we had two groups. One group practiced basic English skills with Worth pupils, and the other group learnt how to use MS Office and English at the same time. Each of our visitors was paired with a Worth VIth former and worked their way through courses on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, helping each other and completely introductory courses with a view to amassing work that can count towards getting an IT qualification. Since then, three of our visitors have found employment.


This academic year 2018-19, the beginners group has continued and new refugees will hopefully be joining us in the New Year. One of our visitors has spent the term practicing for the Driving Theory test with one of our VIth formers. The other group are now using their IT skills to execute job searches, put together formal emails, write CVs and personal statements and practice interview skills.