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Provision of facilites for playing hockey

This was a joint project with Norwich Dragons Hockey Club, which is a Community Amateur Sports Club, and The Hewett School, a maintained secondary school which has since become The Hewett Academy run by the Inspiration Trust. Town Close is part of the Central Norwich Hockey Consortium (CNHC) which runs the facility.  The CNHC is a charity whose object is “the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation and in particular, but not exclusively, by the provision of facilities for playing hockey.”


This consortium was created to turn a disused parcel of land in a local state school into a hockey facility used by state school and independent school pupils and a local sports club.


The project came about thanks to contacts between the governors of the then Hewett School, Town Close governors and members of a local sports club.


The Hewett School provided a long lease for the land, Town Close provided much of the investment for the project (a considerable six-figure sum) and the Dragons Hockey Club secured outside funding from Hockey England to cover the remainder. The consortium is run as a separate charity and all users pay the consortium a hire charge to cover the ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement of the Astro. Town Close staff maintain the facility and have also released staff time to help with the Consortium's administration.


This site now allows young people to play hockey seven days a week. It is available for the Hewett Academy each day at certain times and for Town Close at other times. The Dragon's Hockey Club then uses it during evenings and weekends. 

Pupil Involvement

All pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 use the facility regularly. It is available to all Hewett pupils and used every day by members of the community playing with clubs. 


This is an ongoing, long-term partnership.