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Free use of swimming pool by local state school

Provision of swimming pool for local school catering for children with complex needs.


The aim of this project is to provide a space for Harford Manor pupils to develop their swimmign skills.


The project came about following contact between the two schools and the identification of a suitable slot in the timetable. 


Town Close maintains the pool and changing facilities and provides disabled parking for the school minibus so that pupils have good access to the pool. 


This impact of sport and healthy attitudes to exercise is immeasurable but thought to be incredibly significant in promoting well-being and productive lives. 

Pupil Involvement

Small numbers of pupils of all ages with very complex needs. 


The offer is made annually. This year the available slot was not one that Harford was able to take up but a new slot will be offered once the 2019-20 timetable has been completed.