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Primary Schools Rounders Tournament

A Primary School Rounders tournament aimed at pupils in Year 3.

Hosted at King’s Hawford campus, the event was as competitive tournament overseen by highly experienced sports staff from across the King’s School Foundation.

Mixed teams consisted of up to 10 girls and/or boys from a number of local primary schools.


King's Worcester hosts a primary schools' rounders tournament for local, maintained primary schools. Featuring 7 teams, the event consists of a mini rounders tournament between the schools. Each child is awarded a certificate for participation.

The aim of this partnership is to encourage local, maintained primary schools to experience competitive sport fully funded and organised by the King's School's specialist sports staff.

The immediate beneficiaries are the local, maintained primary schools.


Whilst King's Worcester has historically run similar events for local primary schools, a newly established Outreach team has identified the need to further develop this provision. Recognising that the provision for competitive sport is limited in the state sector King's hopes to provide a range of opportunities to plug this gap.


The Rounders tournament was held at the playing fields located at the King's Hawford campus. It is staffed entirely by King's staff (both teaching and non-teaching) with the administration of the event being handled by the Outreach team. 

As well as the playing fields, the Barn is used provide refreshments for visiting teams, supporters and their parents.

There is no cost to the participant schools. Some of the participating schools required transport which was provided by King's Hawford at no cost to the visiting school.


Quantitively, over 60 pupils were involved in the Rounders tournament.

Qualitatively, pupils, parents and teachers all report positively on the activity and have written to say how much they enjoyed the event.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in Year 3 at King's Hawford were involved both taking part in the tournament, welcoming the pupils from visiting schools and supporting in the running of the event.


This is an annual event. It is intended that the event continues for at least the foreseeable future.