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Ongoing links between local schools in Leicester

The focus of the link is on both academic progress and pupil wellbeing.


Aims are linked to ongoing exchange of ideas to progress teaching and learning in both schools.

it will be seen as successful if the frequency of meetings and exchange events trigger improvements in practice in either school. Senior managers and pupils have already gained from the links.


  • The project was initiated at the joint initiative of the respective head teachers.
  • The Head of Gartree made an initial approach which was reciprocated. 
  • The partnership took place during the academic year 2014/15.


  • Time availability is the only real resource critical factor.
  • Facilities, such as Leicester Grammar's performance spaces may be shared from time to time.
  • Currently it is focussed on SMT and teaching staff.


The outcomes will be judged by review carried out by the respective heads on an annual basis. Lessons learnt and possible improvements will be judged and incorporated in future work. It is seen as a long term linkage.

Pupil Involvement

All from the age of 10 to 18 may be involved. An example is the annual Mathematics challenge competition in which Garyree has entered at least one team of Year 7 pupils. The competition is run by Leicester Grammar schools mathematics staff with help from Years 12 and 13 pupils. This is a co-educational experience.


The mathematics challenge is annual event but otherwise like events are ongoing throughout the academic year.