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Northamptonshire School of Dance use of Spratton Hall theatre

Northamptonshire School of Dance uses our theatre on a Wednesday evening and all day Saturday for dance and ballet lessons, workshops and performances.


  • The school's aim is to create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere in which children of all abilities can flourish in ballet, contemporary, tap, street and modern dancing.
  • The need arose because the dance company needed a permanent home rather than moving from village hall to village hall.
  • Success Factors are from the number of children from the local community who benefit from both lessons and using the facility.


In 2012, the dance school’s principal asked to use our theatre for a one-off dance production, which we were pleased to allow, and this led to us inviting her to come and use the theatre on a regular basis.  Since 2012, we have hosted these weekly ballet and dance lessons.


  • The main resource is the use of our theatre and music rooms as backstage areas.
  • Financial contribution is through wear and tear of the building and heating and lighting costs.


Feedback from the dance instructors and the children and parents is always very positive and they are grateful for the use of the theatre.
A formal meeting takes place with the leader of the dance company every year.  She is always grateful and delighted to be able to continue using the theatre.

Pupil Involvement

Some pupils from Spratton Hall do attend the dance school, otherwise pupils from Spratton hall are not directly involved.  Boys and girls who attend the dance school are from the local community and range in age from 4-18.


This is an ongoing project that began in 2012.  It is a weekly event and we foresee no reason why this arrangement should cease in the future.