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Love Languages

A competition for pupils in Years 5 and 6 who perform a short five minute piece in a foreign language on a particular theme.


The aim of Love Languages is to encourage pupils to demonstrate their skills and abilities in languages. Our competition is a ‘live competition’ and is all about celebrating the linguistic skills of our learners in an authentic and fun way. The emphasis of the competition is on having fun, having the opportunity to use language learned in the classroom and being creative with language.



The competition was established in 2015 after discussions between the Head of Modern Foreign Languages and the Director of Communications and Development.



The competition is run at St Helen's by the Modern Foreign Languages Department and Sixth Form students. It generally lasts for a morning and there is no charge to take part.



This is an annual competition. Feedback received has been very positive.


Pupil Involvement

Pupils are in Years 5 and 6, both boys and girls. They practise their performance at their school and then perform on the day. Pupils have written their own pieces and many perform in their assembly post competition.



This is an annual competition