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Invitational cross-country tournament

An invitational cross-country tournament, in which students from different schools take part in a cross-country relay with three runners in each team.


The aim of the project is to run a well-attended cross country festival with a number of local schools taking part, to bring together students from many schools in enjoyable competition and to share St Helen's excellent Church Farm sports facilities.


The tournament has been running for three years.


The tournament takes place on St Helen's external sports ground, Church Farm. Both teaching and non-teaching staff are critical to its success. The tournament runs for an afternoon and there are medals and trophies presented by St Helen's at the end. There is no charge to take part in the festival.

Pupil Involvement

Students who run in the tournament are in Years 5 to 11 with each year group taking part in a separate race.


The tournament takes place each year.