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KS2 Netball Programme with Holbrook Primary School

During the Autumn Term 2018, Farlington supplied Holbrook Primary School with a specialist PE teacher to lead Netball sessions one afternoon per week to Year 5.


The aim of the programme was to give the pupils the skills, knowledge and ability to understand, play and enjoy the sport of netball.


Holbrook Primary and Farlington Schools are close geographically. Communication between Head of Community Outreach at Farlington and the Headteacher at Holbrook established that Holbrook’s pupils could benefit from specialist subject teaching in music and PE.


Weekly sessions at Holbrook Primary School were led by one of Farlington’s specialist netball teachers. All equipment, apart from the netball posts, supplied by Farlington.



The programme had a very positive impact and allowed all pupils to progress. Vast improvements were made with passing, defending, shooting, footwork and the understanding of the rules. The pupils were able to apply the different isolated skills in competitive game situations. The Year 5 teachers were able to enhance their knowledge on netball drills and rules. The sessions have aided the success of Holbrook’s School netball teams.



Pupil Involvement

The project involved pupils from Year 5 at Holbrook Primary School.


Weekly sessions led by Farlington’s netball teacher during the Autumn Term 2018.