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Hockey Masterclass for 1st Plaistow Guides

Partnership between Farlington and community group 1st Plaistow Girl Guides to provide children and young people with the opportunity to learn sports skills through specialist coaching from Farlington teaching staff and use of Farlington’s sports facilities.


To provide members of 1st Plaistow Girl Guides with the experience of learning Hockey skills from specialist coach.


The partnership between 1st Plaistow Girl Guides and Farlington School has been established by Farlington’s Director of Sport.


Farlington’s specialist Hockey coach, astroturf hockey pitch and hockey equipment.


Use of Farlington’s facilities and expert coaching enables learning of hockey skills for children and young people who may not have otherwise experienced them.

Feedback from parents & Guides has been overwhelmingly positive and the hope is that some participants may be inspired to join their school or Horsham hockey clubs - one Guide is now joining the ice hockey team!

Pupil Involvement

Pupils involved aged 10-14.


First event on 25th March 2019. We hope to repeat this in the future.