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Hope Primary School

Through fundraising and penpal projects, Queen's Gate girls have formed a relationship with pupils at Hope Primary School in Zimbabwe. 


The funds raised have principally been used to build new classrooms to accommodate the many children who come to learn on privately owned land where the farmer owners have set up the school to offer accessible, good-quality teaching. 

Moreover, the penpal connection set up by the key teacher has been wonderful for building connections between our London girls and those living completely different lives.  


A Queen's Gate Junior School teacher set up the connection having visited the school herself while seeing friends in Zimbabwe in 2011.  The personal connection there has been invaluable in making our schools' connection tangible and possible.  


Funds have been raised through the School Christmas Fair as well as regular bake sales.  One bake sale alone was enough to put down foundations for a new classroom. 


At present, 40 girls in the Junior School are penpals with pupils at Hope Primary School.  Some of these friendships have been going on for many years, including in one instance from Y4-Y11!

The increased classroom space at Hope Primary School allows children to be taught in more reasonable-sized groups. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from across the Junior School are regularly involved in fundraising, but the Christmas Fair crosses the age groups, and many girls continue their penpal friendship into the Senior School.