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Home School Group

Twickenham Prep makes its' specialist Science and IT facilities available to local parents who are home-educating their children. 


To provide specialist facilities to local families who are home-educating their children. The beneficiaries are the 20-30 children who regularly attend the IT and Science sessions.


The School approached a number of home educating families to enquire about whether specialist facilities would be helpful for them. This project began about ten years ago and has continued every term since.


The school facilities are used two or three times each term. Staff are required to ensure that the facilities are prepared and ready for the home-school group. The school pays for the materials used in these sessions and there is no charge to the users.


The informal feedback from those who participate in the scheme has been extremely positive.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils involved are all from families who are home educating. Ages can vary but are usually from 10-16 years old.


The teaching sessions take place two or three times each term on a Saturday morning and usually run for 2-3 hours. We envisage this partnership continuing indefinitely.