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Duke of Edinburgh

Knole Academy already have an existing Bronze and Silver DofE operation but this year we are supporting their first Gold Duke of Edinburgh award candidates by taking them on our Gold practice and assessed expeditions. They are sending two expedition groups with nine pupils in total, and we will assist with their planning and execution of the expeditions.


To assist a number of local state school students achieve Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award status.


As a result of the existing relationship we have with Knole Academy - Sevenoaks School is a sponsor.


The Sevenoaks DofE staff are the most important factor, and critical to success.

The project uses Sevenoaks School facilities, and a selection of teaching and non teaching staff.


Successful achievement of the Gold DofE Award for the Knole Academy students will be the measure of success.

Pupil Involvement

DofE students from Knole Academy will be working together with the Sevenoaks School students. The pupils are Year 11.


It is an ongoing weekly activity - the assumption is that the project will exist indefinitely, assuming it is successful.