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CCF project - shared resources

In December, Knole Academy received approval from DfE and MoD to set up a CCF unit under the Cadet Expansion Programme. In order to facilitate this, KA have entered a partnership with Sevenoaks School, whereby we support them as they develop their CCF unit.

They are currently sending us fifteen cadets to join our CCF and the intention is for them to add a further fifteen in each of the next two years working alongside our cadets. This should allow them to build up scale and experience amongst both their staff and their pupils with sufficient senior cadets to run a full CCF programme parading separately in their own school in due course. A number of their first tranche of cadets have already signed up to go on camp with us this summer.


To equip Knole Academy with the skills and experience to be able to be self sufficient, and run their own programme in 2 years time.

Immediate beneficiaries are up to 50 students from Knole Academy.


As part of our ongoing sponsorship of the school.

Identified by the CCF team based at Sevenoaks School, the project was started in December 2016


The project uses Sevenoaks School facilities, and existing Sevenoaks CCF staff.


Assessment to be based around performance and development of the students, the Knole Academy staff and their respective achievements on the CCF programme.

Pupil Involvement

The Knole Academy pupils are integrated into the Sevenoaks CCF programme, so a large number of Sevenoaks School pupils will be involved. Initially the project will involve 15 Knole pupils, and grow to be approx 50. Students are Year 10 and Year 11.


It is an ongoing, weekly event and likely to last at least 2-3 years.