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Cool to be Clever Club

The Cool to be Clever club was launched in October 2013 in partnership with the University of Sheffield. Gifted and Talented children from the16 primary schools in the Sheffield South East Learning Partnership take part in activities, organised at the university, which expose them to a wide range of careers and subjects from law and engineering to journalism and design. Sixth form students from Sheffield High School mentor the children and as well as the university based sessions, additional sessions are held at Sheffield High to help build the children’s skills and confidence and set aspirational goals.


The aim of the project is to raise the aspirations and ambitions of gifted and talented primary school children and their parents who might not previously have experienced a university education.

The critical factors for the success of the project have been to ensure that the sessions are relevant to the age of the children which then maintains their interest and excitement. Involvement and engagement with their parents has also been crucial in ensuring the continued attendance of the children.


The project was established in October 2013 and the need was identified through the already existing partnership Sheffield High School had with many of the primary schools which formed the Sheffield South East Learning Partnership.

Sheffield High School approached the University of Sheffield who were very keen to be involved.