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Mrs Nina Gunson (Head)

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811 pupils

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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 20 state schools involved
  • 200 to 500 state school pupils involved
  • 300 staff hours given

*Please note, data shown here is from the 2020 Census for partnerships in 2019, rather than from the 2021 Census. This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on full year collection for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to put some partnership projects on hold until restrictions are eased.

Impact Statement

1. Serious Fun on Saturdays (SHINE)
• 10 Saturdays, November – March. Programme now in its 8th cohort.
• Involvement from all departments and 20plus Sixth Form mentors.
• 9 state primary schools ~40 Y5 pupils.

2. Cool2BClever
“The Schools That Work For Everyone report, a UK Government consultation paper published in May 2018, showcased C2BC as a notable example of collaborative working between independent and state schools.”
• This year launches the 6th cohort. New format since 2016 – 2 cohorts running at once (Y5
into 6).
• SHS Mentors Y9 into 10 and students from University of Sheffield.
• 13 maintained primary schools, 40 pupils in each cohort – 80 in total.
• 8 events throughout the calendar with graduation for Year 2 in July.

3. Rock Opera
• 4 primary partners, from maintained sector. Sheffield Cathedral to provide venue and Young Voice choir to participate. Additionally, a band from Parkwood Academy and SHS “Angel Delight Choir”
• Musical written by a singing teacher at SHS and a London based composer.
• Performers – 30 KS2 children from each school (120) plus music staff from each school also involved – providing CPD & developing ability to deliver singing lessons.

4. Latin
• Smaller scale partnership with Head of Latin and A level Latin Students. Involving 20 primary students- to improve literacy and increase culture capital. CPD for primary school staff and Latin now delivered and integrated into their curriculum, alongside ex-curricular club and visit to Vindolanda Roman Fort, Cumbria.
• Lessons delivered and alumnae funding secured for a visit to British Museum to provide cultural experience.

5. Debate Mate - HSBC Funded
• Use of fun debating techniques to promote confident styles of public speaking. Reflect on how speaking confidently can have a positive impact on life beyond the classroom. Debate challenge at the end- motion: ‘Footballers and movie stars are not worth the money they earn’
• Debate Mate Organisation-utilise University Students to lead the day assisted by 10 SHS KS4/5 students
• I day Programme will be delivered to all Y6 students at Arbourthorne School

6. Careers Fair
• New project – hosted by Sheffield Girls’ in Sport Hall, inviting primary schools from across the city.
• Targeted at tackling the lack of excellent careers advice in primary sector, especially in areas of socioeconomic deprivation. Potential to bring benefit to over 200 Y5/6 pupils.
• Will involve SHS Alumnae, Parents and Students

7. Dance Outreach
Following on from the tradition of PE department providing CPD and promoting excellence in Primary PE – with focus on broad and balanced curriculum
• Involves 3 KS4 Girls - planning and delivering dance skills and choreography at Arbourthorne School to 15 Y5/6 Students.
• Duration 10 weeks after school from 3.30 -5.00
• Intention to have primary school children perform at the SHS Movement Evening in December.

8. Magic Maths
On Mondays after school 3 KS4 girls travel to Gleadless Primary School to deliver sessions to 15 gifted Maths students from Y6. Enabling them to become more confident and aspirational regards their own mathematical ability and prepare them to enter Hallam Pop Quiz as finale.

9. Engineering Day
Delivered by Physics staff to Arbourthorne Y5/6 students and primary science leads. Assisted by SHS KS3 students. Inspiration for the day comes from Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition coming to Sheffield 2019 but focussing on his inventions.

10. SATs Booster Classes
Support with SATs prep from a team of SHS Y13 students.

11. Revision Conferences
Annual revision conferences for GCSE and A level PE – hosted and organised by SHS and colleagues invited from state secondary schools across the region. Delivered by nationally acclaimed exponents in their field.

12. Biology Project
A whole day event using Biology Teacher aided by SHINE mentors and KS4 students to deliver a science day at Tinsley Meadows Primary school to whole Y5 cohort. Investigation focusses on “Sustaining Life on Mars”- a repeat of the session delivered at Serious Fun on Saturday. Involves 40 children. This event is also delivered to SHS Y5 pupils.

13. Science Fair
A whole day event delivered by Head of Science and assisted by SHINE mentors delivered to 50 KS2 students at Tinsley Meadows Primary.

There is bursary information on our website here.

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  • Music scholarships
  • Science/Technology scholarships
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