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Community Garden for Holy Family School

Remodelling a piece of land at the school to provide a community garden with the inclusion of a mural, designed and painted by St George's students.


Benefitting from this fantastic outdoor space are primarily the 215 pupils at Holy family, but also their families and school staff.  


Holy Family approached St George's as a partner following receipt of funding to enable them to start works on the project. However the school didn't have sufficient staff, expertise or funding to achieve the plan independently.


 - Nine members of Grounds staff, 240 hours.
 - Provision of equipment including excavator, chainsaw, circular saw, mowers and hedge cutters.
 - Donation of supplies including, path sub base, play mulch, wooden sleepers, path edging, compost, plants and hedging. 

In addition;

 - One member of teaching staff, providing 20 hours, to support the ten students creating the mural.  


'This garden would never have been born without your support, hard work and commitment. We will be forever grateful'  - Headmaster

Pupil Involvement

Ten St George's students, 6 Sixth Formers and 4 Third Year students involved in designing and painting the mural.