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Mrs RCF Owens (Headmistress)

Boys - age range:

Day: 11 to 18

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Day: 11 to 18


1025 pupils

St George's College Weybridge case studies (27)

St James' Sports Day


  • St George's College Weybridge
  • St James CofE Primary School, Weybridge
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Repairs and General Maintenance


  • St George's College Weybridge
  • St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School, Weybridge, Weybridge
  • School maintenance
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Impact of partnership work done in 2021 (ISC annual Census 2022)

  • 20 state schools involved
  • 101-200 state school pupils involved
  • 50 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Our school has a huge impact on the local community and state schools through shared events, workshops and continuing sharing of teachers and resources. For example, Holy Family School were delighted with the garden in their school, saying that, ‘Now we're back, I just wanted to once again say a huge thank you to everyone at St George's for agreeing to help us turn our dream garden into a reality. It's actually very exciting to go into a new school year with such a great community project to look forward to. I've already started to put together plans for the things we need to achieve this year and the people I need to inspire at Holy Family to get involved; it's amazing how quickly the terms go by so no time to waste!’. As well as the response to our Oxbridge interviews, ‘Many thanks for this great opportunity. The students I spoke with really enjoyed it! I will share the feedback with them this week. Thank you so much for facilitating the evening and for this feedback, which I will pass on to the students tomorrow. I will also ask them for feedback on the event and send this over to you. (Salesians) Just a quick e-mail to say thank you to all who organised this event last week for the students. This has been such a valuable experience for them as they prepare for their Oxbridge interviews. Both boys have appreciated the feedback they have received and we are using this to focus on developing areas prior to their interviews next week. I look forward to hearing of more events that will be coming up in the future and I will keep you posted, hopefully with some good news, once the interview process has been completed.’


Breakdown showing fee assistance for the last academic year’s intake into Year 7 and Sixth Form:

14% of new students received some kind of fee assistance.  5% of new students received a means-tested Assisted Place, of which half had 100% of their fees paid for (plus help with other expenses) and half had 75% of their fees covered.

Support with school fees

St George’s College is committed to broadening access by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with school fees. The school offers a number of Assisted Places and hardship Bursaries which are means-tested. Assisted Places are available for new entrants to the school coming in at different entrance points across the school and are mostly awarded at entry into Year 7, and Sixth Form. These awards vary from 25% to 110% of the tuition fees. Some pupils may be awarded both a scholarship and an Assisted Place.  SGC has additional bursarial funds to provide short-term assistance to current parents where there has been an unforeseen change in financial circumstances. Such awards are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. For information on this for existing pupils please contact the school directly.

To apply for an Assisted Place for new entrants you will need to complete and return our application form by 31 October of the year preceding the year of entry, e.g. 31 Oct 2019 for entry in Sep 2020. The form and application process is available here. All applications are subject to annual means-testing and may be varied upwards or downwards depending on financial circumstances.


St George’s College offers scholarships to pupils who have demonstrated particular academic aptitude or talent, including in art, music, drama and sport. The percentage fee remission for a scholarship is usually a maximum of 10% of fees. Around 30 scholarships are offered to pupils every year in the Year 7 intake and approximately 10 for those entering the Sixth Form. Scholarships can also be awarded at other entry points into the school, and at any point thereafter following sustained evidence of eligibility. Pupils in general, may hold more than one scholarship, but this does not involve an increase in fee remission. Our overall expectation is that scholars should be maintaining a good overall academic level – no matter what subject area they hold the scholarship for.

Year 7 Scholarships

Scholarships are offered at age 11 upon entry in the following areas: Academic, Sport, Art and Music. Academic scholarships are determined by academic results of the Entrance Examinations, along with an interview with the Headmistress. There are three Van Crombrugghe awards (VCs) awarded to the highest scoring Junior School pupil, the highest scoring child from an external Prep School and the highest scoring child from an external Junior School. A number of additional academic scholarships are also awarded. Pupils are invited to apply for a scholarship in all other areas of Art, Music and Sport at 11+, for which assessments and interviews form part of the process. Successful pupils will be notified in their offer letters.

Year 9 Scholarships

The next age at which a number of scholarships are awarded is at 13+. At this point, all external pupils are eligible to apply for Academic, Sport, Art, Music and Drama scholarships. Internal pupils may also apply for scholarships at this point. External pupils sit Academic Scholarship papers in each subject, set and marked by our Heads of Department, but following the ISEB model. Internal pupils may be awarded Academic Scholarships if they have been performing outstandingly across all subjects in general. For Academic scholarships for internal pupils at 13+, we consider performance throughout Years 7 and 8.

Sixth Form Scholarships

There is a major review of scholarships during Year 11 when we discuss whether internal pupils should retain and/or be considered for a new scholarship for the Sixth Form. This will be based upon their performance and recommendations from Heads of Departments. Internal pupils may be awarded honorary academic scholarships providing they achieve at least 10A* (8/9) at GCSE. External pupils may also be awarded an academic scholarship at 16+ based on their GCSE results. External pupils can apply for non-academic scholarships at 16+ and will be assessed and interviewed for these.

Assessment dates for 2020 intake

Sixth Form Scholarship Assessments: w/c Monday 4 November 2019; interviews on Saturday 9 November 2019; offers posted on Friday 29 November 2019.

Year 7: Entrance Examination (for Academic Scholarships decisions) Tuesday 7 January 2020. Academic Scholarship interviews: Monday 27 January 2020 & Monday 24 February 2020; Sports Scholarships assessments: Wednesday 11 December 2019 & Thursday 9 January 2020; Music Scholarship assessments: Monday 16 December 2019; Art Scholarship assessments: Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 January 2020.

Offers posted home: Thursday 23 January 2020 & Thursday 13 February 2020

Year 9: Art, Drama, Music, Sport Scholarship assessments: Monday 27 & Tuesday 28 January 2020. Offers posted home: Friday 14 February 2020. Academic Scholarship assessments: Monday 24 – Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Offers posted home: Thursday 5 March 2020.


  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils