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Childrens Books - The London Children's Book Project

The London Children's Book Project is a local charity that helps to populate free Little Libraries and pop up bookshops in state schools across London.



The London Children's Books Project identified a need for resources and equipment to be able to supply a library in local state schools. Our parents and pupils support this partnership by donating nearly new children's books.


Our Charity Co-ordinator has worked extensively with the charity to establish this relationship which has been active for several years.


We are able to offer collecting points at AJS on several occasions throughout the year, notably during our Book Week and also when collecting for our Founder's Day Celebrations and Holly Fair.


The charity has an immediate impact in every school it assists and the pupils benefit from a wide range of titles and genres offered to them.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils, parents and staff at Alleyn's Junior School are involved in this project.


Three times a year we collect for the charity and we will continue to do so.