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CCF Partnership with Mill Hill County High School

The Schools Partnership project started in February 2007 when Mill Hill School entered into a partnership with Mill Hill County High School. This partnership has now been going strongly for over 12 years.


The aim of the project is to enable schools without the facilities to support a CCF of their own, to access the Cadet Force activities.


The Head of Mill Hill School invited the Head of Mill Hill County High School to enter into a Partnership Agreement. This Partnership involved 5 members of MHCHS staff and 50 cadets.


The MHCHS cadets have full access to the Army Proficiency programme and associated activities. This includes facilities at Mill Hill School such as the indoor range, swimming pool, classrooms and other items of school owned equipment.


Since the start of the partnership, 180 MHCHS pupils have taken part in CCF activities and their experience has been overwhelmingly positive. They have won competitions, produced several senior cadets and a number of MHCHS cadets have gone on to join the Armed Forces. The Partnership is keenly supported by the Head of MHCHS and members of staff that attend training on a weekly basis.

Pupil Involvement

Boys and girls in years 10 to 13 take part.


The Partnership has been a permanent arrangement since 2017 and it is expected to continue indefinately.