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Careers Fair

Year 11-13 students from Highgate School and partner schools are invited for an evening to meet with and talk to a wide range of employees from various industries. The aim of this evening is to encourage students to start thinking about their own career paths and what steps they need to take in order to follow those paths.

The evening is set up like a fair, where students can walk around and go and speak to representatives from careers they want to find out more about.


  • To encourage year 11 and sixth form students to start thinking about their career options after finishing school
  • To inform students about the range of careers available and the pathways to get to those careers
  • To motivate students to start thinking about higher education or other paths after finishing school

Identified Need

Our partner schools have previously told us that they would greatly benefit from the provision of information and advice for students relating to future career paths and opportunities.


The availability of representatives from various careers and industries to come and discuss their career with students as well as answer questions relating to applications and give out any information leaflets or other materials they may have.

The willingness of partner school pupils to attend the event.

The ability of Highgate school teaching or non-teaching staff to organise the event, contact all the external speakers, and recruit partner school pupils for the event. Often, Highgate school contacts (such as parents) may be asked to be present at this event and speak about their career.

Venue Requirements:

The event sees a substantial number of students walking around freely, therefore a large area is required to host this event, such as the Mallinson Sports Centre.  

Immediate Beneficiaries

Pupils from partner schools and the independent school gain an insight into the range of careers available for them, and how to ultimately achieve these careers.

Staff that attend from partner schools will feel more able to bring the advice to their own schools.


The project has its origins as an internal event at Highgate School.

In recent years, Highgate has built a substantial programme of support for sixth form students in our local partner schools. In keeping with this, the School made the decision to open this opportunity to those students from our partner schools that would benefit.


Critical Resources:

A significant number of external contacts from a range of professions, who are willing to attend the event and talk to students about their career progression, as well as give out any information materials relating to their career or industry.

Teaching/non-teaching staff are required to invite all the external contacts, partner school students, and oversee the running of the event. At the start of event, at least 3 members of staff should be present to ensure the attending students register and have received the required information.

Close partnerships with nearby sixth forms

A large venue where the event can be held (eg. Mallinson sports centre, dining hall).


The paths of Highgate school pupils after leaving school are tracked, and data gathered about the paths of Y13 leavers from partner schools.

Pupil Involvement

Students from both the independent school and partner schools attend the event- usually in a 50:50 split.

All the pupils are in year 11- year 13, so are between 15 and 18 years old.

All genders take part in the project.


This is a single event, which occurs annually around February/March.

We anticipate that this event will continue to run for a number of years. This is one of the many events in which Highgate collaborates with the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham.