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Blended Learning for Every Child

Following the transformation of our teaching and learning during this year's Covid-19 pandemic, we are proud to have been leaders in both remote learning and now, what is quickly becoming the new normal; blended learning. With minimal spend, but a courageous and inspired approach, we moved quickly into training staff in delivering our curriculum remotely through a combination of pre-recorded and live lessons. We have developed this further, to accommodate the mix of children both in the classroom and at home, and all of our teachers are now delivering blended learning every day. 

We began to share our expertise with other schools in July 2020, so that more children could begin to bridge the gap of missed lessons, whilst empowering classroom teachers to feel confident in this way of teaching. Since July, we have now rolled this training out to several networks of schools, including CISC (Catholic Independent Schools Conference) and the Society of Heads. We have reached out to local primary schools, and have worked closely with senior teams and staff of our Emmaus school partners.


Every child deserves the right to continue their education during this challenging time, and we are helping to facilitate this in schools who are at the beginning of their remote or blended learning journey, by sharing our expertise.


We are offering bespoke webinars, facilitated and delivered by our Deputy Head (Co-curriculum, Community and Development) and Head of Technology for Remote Learning.


Training sessions will be offered free of charge, meaning that each school with benefit from at least £500 to £1000 worth of inset. 

Pupil Involvement

Boys and girls of all ages will benefit from this project.


This project will grow depending on the need of our local schools, and continue well into the 2020 2021 academic year.