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Biomedical and Advanced Maths Training programme

Two residential, high-level academic courses run in the summer holdiays for those going into Year 13: A unique Biomedical Course and an Advanced Maths Course.

Both are run simultaneously in conjunction wtih Keele University and Birmingham University and offer students university level training in the subjects, plus assistance with UCAS personal statements and careers guidance.


To open up the resources of Moreton Hall's unique Medical Science Faculty to the wider community and to help students who wish to pursue a career in the highly sought after and competitive fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, maths, physics and applied sciences to have a better chance of attaining a top university place.


The whole of the science centre is opened up to the students plus access to very costly equipment and resources.  School staff and former pupils run the course. The students stay on site in the school's ensuite accommodation.  There is a fee for the course, but this is heavily subsidised for state school pupils.


The feedback from the students and their teachers when they return to school confirms that this is a highly valuable 10 days

Pupil Involvement

Age 17


Annual event, for 10 days every August