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Annual Science Challenge - Year 5 pupils

Moreton hosts an annual sciene challenge day for over 200 children in Year 5 at the local primary schools. A day of complete immersion in science which aims to open chidren's and staff's eyes to learing science through fun activities.

This has become a recognised event on the calendars of many of the lcoal schools


To share the schools science resources and to offer the local schools a day of experiements and talks which they may otherwise not ahve access to


Through discussions with lcal schools it became apparent that Moreton Hall could add significantly to the science ofering of the local schools with initiatives such as this one


The school utilises all science staff, all of the science facilities and the sports hall, offers lunch and snacks throughout the day. Guest speakers are brought in by the school

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 pupils


One day every June