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Bee watch and bug hunt

The year 2 science teacher from Chiddingstone contacted the Kent Bee Keepers Association to see if the Association could provide an observation hive for the children to view as part of their Science class. Chiddingstone were introduced to Sommerhill who have a three colony apiary and a secure area with an observation hive for viewing the bees in a safe environment.  Chiddingstone combined the bee viewing with a bug hunt in woodland on the Somerhill grounds and 'day-camping' in the outdoor classroom.


Introduce children to the work of the honeybee and to see the structure of a bee colony


An approach to the the Kent Bee keepers Association and subsequent introduction via the Assistant Bursar to Somerhill


The schools small apiary, the observation hive housed in a secure outdoor building, Somerhill's outdoor classroom and the woodland walk.


An enormous level of excitement and interest at seeing the bees close up. Enhanced knowledge of how a bee colony works

Pupil Involvement

Year 2 boys and girls


Further opportunities to be explored