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Banstead Preparatory School supporting Science at Woodmansterne Primary School, Banstead

This partnership is about sharing Science expertise. Meetings between the Science leader at Banstead Prep and the Science leader at Woodmanstere occurred in order to discuss how to raise the profile of Science at Woodmansterne, develop a scheme of work and carry out a questionaire to assess the current situation regarding the school's science teaching. This led to a twilight CPD session for staff which aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the scheme of work and help teachers to become more confident teaching these lessons. As this partnership develops there could be further meetings with staff across Woodmansterne School to assist with planning or assessment. In addition, there may be opportunities for team teaching at Woodmansterne or for visits to Banstead Prep to observe science lessons.


This partnership aims to support the new Science Subject Leader at Woodmansterne in their goal to implement an exciting Science scheme of work and help colleagues feel confident and enthusiastic about teaching this topic.


This partnership developed through teachers at Banstead Preparatory School and Woodmansterne previously working together. This new venture started in July 2018.