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Author talks

Sibford invites children's authors into school to talk about books, the art of writing and to inspire reading. We use this very much as a community event and invite a range of different schools ... upto 17 local primary schools are invited to talks relevant to children in Early Years through to Year 6 and 11 local secondary schools are invited to join us for talks suitable for Years 7 and upwards. Authors who have visited include Simon Mayo, Stephen Cole, Katherine Woodfine, Christian O'Connell, Matt Haig and Adam & Charlotte Guillain. In additon to Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School other regular attendees include Shenington Primary, Wroxton Primary, Hook Norton Primary, BloxhamPrimary, Brailes Primary and The Warriner School.


To promote the love the books and reading to as many young people as we can.


Author talks started with the appointment of a School Librarian with previous experience of organising such events. Smaller state schools cannot afford/provide audiences large enough to host such events. Our parent committee provide financial support to enable us to host author talks and by opening the events up to other schools we are enabling more young people to be inspired by authors.


Staff time, a good checklist, funding


The children leave the talks with a real 'buzz' about books and reading which the participating schools say lasts for some considerable time.

Pupil Involvement

Ages vary from Early Years to 18 depending on the target age of the author.


This can very but typically we host three author talks a year.