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Athletics Facilities Joint Venture

Mount Kelly is at the heart of community athletics.  Working in a unique partnership with Tavistock College and Tavistock Athletics Club, the school invested £100,000 in the construction of a new athletics track and extensive athletics facilities at Tavistock College.  With over 200 active members, Tavistock Athletics Club is now one of the strongest in the region. These facilities have become central to the provision of Tavistock College’s games and PE programmes, and are used extensively by the local community, as well as by Mount Kelly.


The athletics facilities at Tavistock College were very tired and very limited, whilst those at Mount Kelly were a little way out of town, and insufficient to meet the needs of the local athletics club. This was therefore an ideal opportunity for the two schools and the local community to work together to the benefit of all three partners.  The critical factor for the success of the project was the shared vision of the three partner organisations.


Mount Kelly invested £100,000 in the project, and it was overseen and driven forwards by a committee formed from staff at Mount Kelly and Tavistock College.


Tavistock Athletics Club is now one of the strongest in the area, if not the region, with over 200 active members. This is very largely due to the excellence of the facilities. Tavistock College also have full access to the facilities, both for academic PE and for games.

Pupil Involvement

Up to 25 Mount Kelly pupils from Year 9 and upwards train three times a week, whilst Tavistock College use the facilities on a daily basis.


This is a one-off project, though it has yielded on-going benefits.