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Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose

A combined vocal performance of Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose, composed by Alexander L'Estrange with the composer conducting  New Beacon boys, joined with the choirs of Leigh Primary School, Walthamstow Hall Senior School, King's Rochester and the Hospice in the Weald Choir.


The aim of the project was to involve local primary school children in an exciting ,,usical project and at the same time raise money for the Hospice in the Weald.

The identified need was to fundraising for the Hospice.

The factors for success were: effective communication between the schools, adequate preparation/organisation/rehearsal time, a performance venue large enough for a choir of 200 and audiance of 300.

The immediate beneficaries were: Hospice in the Welad, the audience enjoyed of the performance, the children in the choir had an extordinary musical experience, coming together under the composer's directorship.




The partnership came about as The New Beacon wanted to fund raise for a local charity and approached Hospice in the Weald about a joint venture and then formed a partnership with the other local schools.

This cam about due to a staff member member of The New Beacon being a friend of the composer and has a personal connection to the Hospice.


The resources made available for choirs, eg scores, learing CDs by Alexander L'Estrange and the use of the New Beacon Centre along with discounted costs ie lighting, food

The approx total number of staffing hours for the project was 50 hours and this was for teaching staff to attend weekly rehearsals.

Pupil Involvement

Independent Schools - Recpt - 18ys = 90

State School - Yr 3 - Yr 6 = 30


Single event