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A day of inspirational masterclasses for Years 7 and 8

This term, to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we held our first day of inspirational masterclasses on Saturday 15th June, at Mascalls Academy. Before the masterclasses commenced, students heard from Ms Deborah Sims, a Chartered Engineer from the University of Greenwich, who provided an overview of Leonardo’s career and legacy, and discussed his unprecedented work in various fields. Her lecture set the tone perfectly for the cross-curricular day, which allowed students, in Years 7 and 8, to choose one masterclass to study in depth. Led by outstanding teachers from the Partnership schools, students selected from either Anatomy and Art, Engineering and Ethics, Politics and Media, Engineering and Textiles and Beginners’ Italian. 


The masterclasses were designed to be academically challenging, thought-provoking and offer stimulating opportunities.


West Kent Independent State School Partnership (WKISSP) is a partnership of eight secondary schools -  Beechwood Sacred Heart, The Judd School, Kent College Pembury, The Malling School, Mascalls Academy, Oakley School, The Skinners' School and Skinners' Kent Academy. 

This is the first WKISSP masterclass event.

The Partnership was established earlier in 2019.


Mascalls Academy hosted the event.

The masterclasses were led by 15 outstanding teachers from the 8 Partnership schools. The committee also were present and assisted on the day. 

The committee, which comprimises of Heads and academic staff, invited their own pupils to attend.

WKISSP has a central budget, the cost of the event went on refreshments, masterclass resources and a gift for the speaker. 


Over 90 students from across the 8 schools attended the masterclasses.

“Absolutely fantastic full stop!”

“As a family we think what WKISSP are trying to is fantastic and will do whatever we can to support.”

“I am looking forward to more exciting and interesting opportunities like this.”

Pupil Involvement

The masterclasses were open to boys and girls in Years 7 and 8. 


The West Kent Independent State School Partnership hope to offer a lecture and a day of inspirational masterclasses annually. This was their first masterclass event.