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Mrs Louise Moelwyn-Hughes (Master)

Boys - age range:

Day: 13 to 18

Boarding: 13 to 18

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Day: 13 to 18

Boarding: 13 to 18


1010 pupils

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Impact of partnership work done in 2022 (ISC annual Census 2023)

  • 12 state schools involved
  • 501-1000 state school pupils involved
  • 4500 staff hours given

Academies or free schools sponsored

  • Swindon Academy

Impact Statement

Impact statements
We have been working with our partnership school, Swindon Academy, since 2004. It is worth noting that Swindon Academy is now the best school in Swindon, based on the Progress 8 measure. This is a remarkable journey since 2005 when the school was ranked as one of the worst schools in the country, with only 9% of its 148 GCSE pupils achieving five A* to C grades. Below are some examples of where we have been making an impact:

• In the 2018 calendar year Swindon Academy (SA) pupils spent 5000+ pupils hours engaged in Marlborough College based partnership activities (This number includes the 120 SA Y7 and Y8 Grammar Stream pupils who visit weekly for Latin/Classical Civilisation lessons).
• We offered free over-night residentials to Academy pupils in a boarding house which accommodates 12 pupils and 2 teachers. These boarding school experiences very often have very positive effects on the participants allowing them to engage in intensive academic activities in a boarding school environment.
• We employ a teacher to work one day each week at SA to coordinate partnership events. Examples of his work include teaching Y12 and Y13 A level Physics (75% of whom went on to a university), bespoke individual mentoring of STEM pupils, acting as a Governor for their primary school (Committee Chair), and the day to day management of the Partnership. The Partnership Manager at SA works in excess of 300 hours on site and is paid by Marlborough College. In addition, he mentors, weekly, a newly qualified trainee Physics teacher.
• We provide three governors at SA
• We hosted SA trainee teachers (4-week placements), as well as two Teach First trainees (1-week placements).
• We have provided bespoke opportunities for SA teachers to enhance their subject knowledge.
• SA pupils receive UCAS/Personal statement help and on-going Guidance help. There are a growing number of SA pupils who are now applying to Russell Group universities, and MC expert advice has been invaluable. We provide one specialist Guidance teacher to work one afternoon at SA. She works in small groups, or individually, providing invaluable UCAS/Oxbridge advice to Sixth Form pupils.
• We have an annual Year 10 Exchange in order for pupils to experience learning in a very different environment. Twelve pupils from each school participate in this 2-day exchange, and confirms the rewarding and challenging nature of this encounter.
• We worked with charities and former pupils to give suitable SA pupils access to work experiences via our former pupils’ network.
• We host a free week-long academic Year 7 summer school in June for Y7 SA Grammar Stream pupils. This challenging boarding experience offers new and demanding academic activities for 60 pupils. Feedback confirms that this beyond-the-syllabus summer school helps pupils to develop critical-thinking skills, in particular.
• We offer 1-1 mentoring for academically able pupils in need of specialist academic guidance, as well as group Maths mentoring for (many of these students do exceptionally well at GCSE maths). One former pupil, who has recently graduated from Durham with a 1st, and who is now studying at Oxford, is very grateful to us for the mentoring received over a number of years. He is one of a growing number who have expressed their gratitude in writing and verbally.
• We employ a Director of Partnerships who has a TT reduction to enable Marlborough College to develop local links with SA and other schools.
• Our commitment to the Swindon Academy Grammar Stream is considerable, with 120 pupils being taught Latin by 4 of our teachers each week. The Latin course is a two-year course which follows the prep-school syllabus, and all pupils have passed the regular assessments. These GS pupils also attend residentials, extended visits, and relevant lectures/talks.
• We offer SA Y9 Grammar Stream investigative science sessions (8 hours in total for each of SA's 30 pupils)
• MC acts on behalf of the Stuart Horne Charity. This charity offers 3-week long wilderness experiences with Outward Bound Canada to the neediest pupils from SA. To date 11 pupils have participated in these life-changing experiences. MC helps prepare pupils to travel. Trips, costing 8000CAD, are free to participating pupils. Extensive before and after evaluation confirms the life-changing nature of these experiences for these disadvantaged pupils.
• All SA Extended Project students spend a number of afternoons researching in the MC Library, and are given individual assistance if required, including the loan or purchase of books. The EPQ has greatly assisted SA pupils in obtaining university places.
• Reading Buddies – 24 College pupils visit Swindon Academy each week from September to March to participate in a successful weekly reading programme with primary pupils. MC pupils write weekly reports on the progress of SA students. In a culture where few students have books at home, this activity can be life-changing, and is greatly valued by SA teachers.
• Fifty SA Y12/13 pupils participated in our annual summer Leadership Training.
• We work with Marlborough St Mary’s PS. Examples of activities include providing science experiments (paid for by Hamilton Trust) with Y5 and Y4 pupils, attending a MFL day and sports taster sessions, string orchestra visits and music/art activities, participating in an annual Imperial College London visit mobile planetarium activity, after-school club at MC in summer term, IT support, Prefect helpers at the Christmas fair, historical visits to MC. 400+ individual pupils have participated in these activities. In addition, one of our teachers is the School's Chair of Governors.
• We loan our swimming pool to a local primary school for their weekly lessons. Pupils take a 10-week course during the Michaelmas Term. These are one-hour sessions where they go through swim improvement and stroke technique. About 40 children per session. This helps the school meet its National Curriculum commitments. We then follow this up with a school swimming Gala with 5 local schools (February), for approximately 80 children take part, plus a local School has their annual May Gala in our pool.
• 75 SA primary school pupils visited our Blackett telescope for a free two-hour astronomy activity.
• 162 Marlborough College pupils participate weekly in community activities including Riding for the Disabled, river conservation, Charity Think Tank, Ed Club, Brimble Hill Special School, Primary School helping, working with children (families), Swindon Academy Reading Buddies, and local Social Services.

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