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4th Largest Air Cadet Unit in the North of England based at Hill House School

No.1053 (Finningley) Detached Flight Air Training Corps is a Royal Air Force Air Cadet Unit now based at Hill House School, and has rapidly become the 4th largest Air Cadet Unit in the North of England. It serves the south of Doncaster, including 2 large Local Authority schools, and enjoys being appropriatley based at Hill House, which moved into the officers' quarters of the former RAF Finningley in 2008. It currently has approximately 100 cadets.


The projects aims are to:

Promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people
Provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life
Encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship.


Parents and pupils expressed an interest in the school opening its own CCF, but discussion with a parent who was active in the Air Cadets led to meetings with Air Cadet Head Office, based at RAF Cranwell, and the creation of a Detached Flight at the school. It was established at the start of 2015.


The school provides all its facilities at no cost to the Air Cadets, including Hall, Classrooms, IT, an Office, Dining Room and Playing Fields. No charge is made for any caretaking/utilities etc.

The school also provides minibuses to allow the unit to travel at no cost to events and competitions.


Successful recruitment of approximately 100 cadets and the units forthcoming promotion to squadron status suggests the project has been a great success.

Pupil Involvement

25% of the unit are members of Hill House, the other 75% coming from Local Authority Schools (The Hayfield School, 1108 pupils, and The McAuley Catholic High School, 1716 pupils). Cadets are aged 12 to 18, with an even spread of boys and girls.


The Unit meets twice weekly for three hours each, and will continue indefinitely.