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10 Tors Training Partnerships

Exeter School partner with St James' School to mentor and provide logitistic and training support for their 10 Tors team.


Support St James pupils in their efforts to suceed in the 10 Tors Challenge.


Exeter School runs a succesful 10 Tors programme and was very pleased to be able to help St James' s pupils.


Time of Exeter Schools staff and use of Exeter School resources. There is no financial contribution required from St James


This an annual programme, timed to coincide with the 10 Tors Challenge. The ancitpated outcome is a succesfful event for St James's pupils. 

Pupil Involvement

The Ten Tors Challenge is limited to 2,400 individuals (four hundred teams of six teenagers). It is a co-educational event.


Annual. There is no current scheduled end date for the programme.