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Young Scientists Day for Primary Schools (Cheltenham Science Festival)



Every year Cheltenham College hosts a Young Scientists Day in collaboration with the Cheltenham Festival of Science.   The Science departments organise two workshops - one Biology-based and one Chemistry-based.  Approximately 60 children from maintained schools in Cheltenham attend these workshops, which are designed according to a different theme every year.   The theme in 2018 was ‘Communication’, and the day was designed to promote Science and Design Technology to all our young learners.  

  • Avening Primary School     

  • Castle Hill Primary School    

  • Churchdown Village Primary School     


  • Saint Johns C of E Primary School    

  • Saint White’s School   

  • Upton Saint Leonard’s C of E Primary School    

  • Warden Hill Primary School    

  • Woodmancote School    


The aims are to allow children in the community to work in a Science laboratory and have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a 'real scientist' working with high-quality Science equipment.  We also hope to inspire them and to make them consider Science as a subject they want to learn more about and to identify any children who have a real aptitude for the subject and to work with them on a regular basis in the future. We ensure that the activities are engaging, exciting and inspire the children.






Cheltenham College has had a relationship with the Festivals Committee for a number of years and the Science department has been involved in this project since 2012.


Well equipped laboratories, chemical and biological materials are all essential resources for this partnership.  

The Chemistry and Biology workshops are held in the College's science laboratories with the teaching staff and technicians on hand. Each workshop is repeated three times during the course of the Young Scientists Day.  The funding for the workshops comes out of the department's annual budget.


The children who attend the workshops are asked for their feedback after the event which has always been extremely positive.  

Pupil Involvement

60 children aged 10 - 11 [Year 6] from local primary schools attend Young Scientists Day at the College, with a mixture of boys and girls involved in all the activities.   The pupils from Cheltenham College Prep School act as their guides and hosts for the day.  


Young Scientists Day takes place annually in June to coincide with the Cheltenham Festival of Science. Three workshops, each of an hour in length, are undertaken three times on the day.

It is expected that this project will continue on an annual basis.