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Year 5 Gifted & Talented English and Humanities Day

This year we also invited several local schools to come to the school to participate in an English and Humanities Gifted and Talented Day, which focussed on WWI and was again provided free of charge. Four state primary schools participated - Moss Hey, Lum Head, Vernon and Alderley Edge Community Primary.  We also teamed up with the charity ‘There but not there’ who loaned a 6ft ‘Tommy’ to the school as our day supports their aim to educate children about the war.


“Thank you so much for the Gifted & Talented Day; the children LOVED it and came back enthused and excited. The hard work that went into the planning and delivery of the day paid off! Knowing that your staff were able supervise our children made a huge difference to us in being able to participate in the day.  A great job well done, I’d say! Please pass on my thanks to the whole team involved”. 
Tabitha Smith, Moss Hey Primary School

“Our children loved it. It was a shame we couldn't make it as staff to see. They particularly enjoyed the making of an iMovie and have brought their new skills back to the classroom and shared them with the other children.”
Sherelle Thomas, Lum Head Primary School

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 pupils - boys and girls participated.


We will host this event annually.