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Woofability - Sponsoring Dog Training

Earlier this academic year we were visited by representatives (including a dog) of Woofability, a charity that trains dogs to do many tasks to help their disabled partner. These  include emptying the washing machine, picking up the post, getting the telephone, helping to dress and undress, taking a purse to the till, pressing a button at traffic lights but by far the most important benefit is giving confidence to become more independent which leads to re-integration into society. These dogs really do change lives for the better.

Studies show that 70-80,000 people in the UK could benefit from using an assistance dog, of which 3,500 are within the charity’s area of operation. Their aim is to train 20 dogs per year so they will eventually have 200 dogs in the community.

Our School community raised funds to sponsor the training of a dog through the Woofability charity.


The aims of the partnership were for the boys at Shrewsbury House to engage in fund raising activities to pay for the training of a dog as part of this programme.


The partnership came about through our Headmaster. Each Friday he invites a range of speakers to address the boys in Headmaster’s Club on a range of subjects and Woofability attended one of these evenings. The boys were fascinated to hear and also see the work of the dog that they brought to the club.


The fund raising involved the use of the School's sports facilties for our sponsored run and members of teaching and non-teaching staff took part or supported the event.


The benefits of project will be that another dog is trained to work with a disabled person and make a real difference to their quality of life. The benefit to the boys is that they have witnessed the amazing abilities of some animals and they will be raising money to directly benefit others.

Pupil Involvement

The children involved are boys from Shrewsbury House School.


The collaboration with charity will be a long term partnership. The boys voted on a name for the puppy - Sandy and we continue to follow his progress through his training programme until it is placed with a disabled person.