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West London Art History Cafe

 The West London Art History Café is an extension reading group for students contemplating studying Art History (single or combined honours) or Architecture at university. It runs from after the Summer half-term of Year 12 until December of Year 13, and meets after school from 4.15-6pm once every three weeks. Texts are set and shared in advance and refreshments are provided. All students within travelling distance are welcome regardless of whether they study Art History at A level.


The aim is to support students who are considering studying Art History at University, particularly students from schools where art history is not offered as an A level subject.


For the last ten years we have been organising an Oxbridge/Courtauld Institute interview session for Art History students, and for Architecture students, from a range of schools.  Four years ago, we expanded this to an Oxbridge/Courtauld extension Reading Group which became the ‘West London Art History Café. It was opened to everyone in West London applying to study Art History, not just Oxbridge/Courtauld.


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