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Volunteering at Daisychain Charity Shop

Daisychain has a charity shop in Cheltenham where our L6th students help out twice a week, where a wide array of goods are donated by the public for onward sale. Apart from sorting many of the goods that are received, they can also be involved in the displaying of products, as well as meeting and greeting customers.


A key aim is to raise awareness in Cheltenham College students of the work of the Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust.  This will hopefully encourage an interest in, and empathy towards others in society who are affected by serious health conditions.

We also aim to encourage an active involvement in volunteering at our local Children’s Oncology Ward in Cheltenham.

The success of this will rely on students knowledge of the charity's work, as well as being appropriately inducted by College and Daisy Chain staff.



This is a new initiative that started in September 2017.



The partnership will be reviewed annually.

Pupil Involvement

The partnership will involve L6th College students.


It is anticipated that this will be on-going.