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Various sports partnerships

13 local school and youth groups use our facilities on a regular basis including local cricket clubs (Heathcoats), the community police project, cubs, the local Astronomy club, the Tiverton Harriers, the local swimming club and the local chess club to name but a few. We host all the junior Devon cricket games.

Many other schools access our educational provision through links with drama productions, Oxbridge preparation, and we host the Royal Academy of Life Drawing day for all local schools. We are involved in providing facilities and expertise for Link education which provides alternative education for children with behavioural problems.


We do a variety of different sporting activities with local clubs.


Many good local ties built up over time.


The use of sports pitches and free access for clubs.


Regular use by many children over time.

Pupil Involvement

5-18 year olds.


Regularly throughout the year.