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Trustee at Z Arts

Withington’s Deputy Head is a trustee at Z Arts, an arts and theatre organisation for children and families based in Manchester. 


Jen Baylis’ experience in her role as Deputy Head of Withington allows her to make a valuable contribution as a trustee of Z Arts. Her leadership, pastoral and safeguarding expertise are particularly relevant in specific subgroup meetings relating to HR, staff wellbeing and safeguarding.


Z Arts work with large numbers of pupils and staff from the maintained sector, and with local families from the Hulme area. Jen attends board meetings, supports local arts events held at the theatre, and contributes to specific subgroup meetings.

A group of Sixth Form students from Withington went to watch a show at the Z Arts theatre, which benefited their A level project.


The role requires attendance at a three-hour termly meeting, as well as helping with various arts projects throughout the year. Every year Jen attends a day looking at strategy for the organisation, and spends roughly 10 hours contributing to subgroup meetings.