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Tien School Fundraising Partnership

Manchester High School for Girls has been partnered with Tien School in Cambodia to help to fundraise to continue to develop the facilities at the school to enable children in this remote area to access education and to help to provide the resources to train local teachers. Working to improve the education for young girls and women in particular is at the forefront of our minds with this partnership

UWS has a very strong sense of social purpose combined with a balanced sustainable model that focuses on educating children in post-conflict developing countries whilst stimulating global cultural exchange and understanding.


To provide opportunities and resources for pupils to engage in all elements of the Learner Profile.

To develop tangible international links to help “develop internationally minded learners to recognise their common humanity”.

To enable pupils to build a relationship with the pupils and fundraise for their counterpart school.

To offer pupils the opportunity to take ownership in a project as and develop skills from fundraising or volunteering and put these skills to continued global benefit.