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The World of Languages (WoLLoW)

Our Head of Languages is part of the World of Languages founding team ( This flexible programme is an interdisciplinary approach to language learning and language awareness which celebrates diversity and multiculturalism across our community. The resources created are available for free to all schools. Cheadle Hulme School invests into delivering tailored WoLLoW lessons in partner primary schools in Stockport, training primary specialists to use WoLLoW and contributing to the development of WoLLoW nationally.


The partnership enables the learners involved to understand the importance of multilingualism in our world, encouraging young people to celebrate and understand language diversity rather than fear it.

The programme enables languages to fit an interdisciplinary approach to learning, common at primary level, and goes a long way towards opening learners' minds to successful language learning at the next stage.

Offering a package that all primary generalists with suitable guidance and confidence can deliver, it offers an excellent and accessible introduction to language learning.


We wanted to create a sustainable approach for successful language learning in primary schools which complemented a subsequent secondary school curriculum where learners are treated as beginners in Year 7, regardless of what they have learned at primary level.

It has been running for 2 years and gained widespread interest from a range of learning contexts. 


The beauty is in the flexibility of the course. Effectively, teachers should respond to the language diversity of their group. The website ( offers the resources for free.


Learners have the opportunity to share their culture and language background.

Learners are informed about why there are different languages and how they link.

Exposed to a range of languages, learners become effective language detectives and build key skills for success with more specific language learning, motivated by their appreciation of language diversity.

Pupil Involvement

The programme is open to upper primary students (Years 3-6) and lower secondary (Years 7 to 9).


Our own delivery of WoLLoW consists of one afternoon of teaching at our primary partners per week but the schools can use the resources as much as they wish and can contact WoLLoW for support.