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The Windlesham Lectures: A Force For Good

The Windlesham Lectures: A Force For Good is a youth leadership enrichment event which provides a focus on developing global citizens, social leaders and character values. The event is working in partnership with Step Up To Serve, a campaign launched by HRH The Prince of Wales and the PM to generate greater youth social action. Attendance will provide access to resources that enable pupils to be a positive contribution. 250 pupils and 50 teachers regularly attend from schools across the region. 



This initiative aims to inspire pupils to become active citizens and influential leaders who make a significant difference in society and the wider world. 


I decided to start the initiative because I was loooking for an inspirtional forum of this kind for young people and teachers. It has been going for six years with involvement from over 70 schools across the region. Since 2015 we have been working in partnership with the Step Up To Serve #iwill campaign and for the last 2 years the partnership has had a new name of The Windlesham Lectures: A Force For Good. 


The success flows from a strong network, inspiring speakers, enriching and effective resources for schools and the involvement of young people in the partnership event. 

This partnership event has been free for schools. 


Teachers and pupils send us incredibly positive feedback about their experience and the impact of this initiative. We ask for feedback after each time we meet. 

Pupil Involvement

Boys and girls from state and independent schools are involved from Year 7-10.


This is an on-going initiative.