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The Darley Abbey Choir

A combined schools singing and signing (BSL) choir to perform at village events and beyond. The choir has formed to perform at local events, such as Darley Abbey Day (a celebration of life in our village) and Remembrance Sunday at St Matthew's Parish Church. The choir recently performed at the Derby Live, Darley Park Concert in front of 30,000+.


Darley Abbey has two Primary settings, Walter Evans CE Primary and The Old Vicarage School, an independent prep school for children aged 3-13 years.


Connections made by the two schools Head Teachers, David Brown and Matthew Adshead. The choir has been together now for 6 months. It si planning a charity recording, possible choir tour and some further public performances locally and beyond. David praised the OVS Choir at Remebrance Sunday and mentioned that his choir was not at that standard. I suggested a combined choir and that one of our choir teachers could lead the choir. OVS pays for her time at rehearsals.  


OVS pays for the choir teacher's time. We split rehearsals between the two schools and also practice at the local parish church of St Matthew's. 

OVS Head of School, Mrs Kerry Wise teachers the children the sign language. She is a Level 3 trained BSL signer. OVS pays for her time. 


Hugely positive reaction from local residents and from the wider region. Derby is a centre for Deaf Children and people with the Royal School for the Deaf nearby - that is why we wanted to add the signing element to our performances.

Pupil Involvement

The OVS is choir is up to 40 members, dependant on who is available if the choir performs outside of term time. The Walter Evans School has less members, but since the live performance at the Darley Park Concert, interest at their school has increased and we hope for many additions to the 10 children currently involved.


The choir meets regularly for rehearsal (usually weekly, but more as a performance approaches). This will be an on-going project.