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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is an art project, which was the first collaboration event in Hornsby House's growing partnership with Lark Hall Primary School in Stockwell. Year 5s from both schools, 120 children in total, came together to work with Progress, a social enterprise company and experts in art and horticulture, to create some exceptional works of art.

The children worked with each other, alongside the professional artists from Progress, to create a record of the journey between our two schools along the Northern Line between Balham & Stockwell.

Over the course of six weeks a phenomenal body of work was produced, but even more importantly, it brought our two schools closer together and gave the children a chance to meet each other and work collectively.

The artwork is being exhibited in October and then housed in the two schools, to celebrate our ongoing partnership.


Aim of the Bigger Picture project was to develop the partnership between the two schools so that the children and staff could collaborate on a joint project.


The Deputy Head at Hornsby House is a co-opted governor at Lark Hall School, bringing the two two schools together to share best practice in various areas of school life and the curriculum to the benefit of the children and adults involved in both schools. The partnership has been running for the past 2 and a half years.


The resources, including the arts expertise, were provided by a social enterprise company, Progress. Their team of street artists led the staff from both schools to help the children collaborate on the project together.


The children from both schools benefited equally from the project and their artwork is being presented in assemblies and then displayed.

The Head of Lark Hall said: “The Bigger Picture project was such a positive experience for both our school and Hornsby House. It shows the benefits for all concerned of independent and state schools working together.”

Hornsby House said:  “Some exceptional artwork was produced in the Bigger Picture project. More importantly, though, it brought our schools closer together, giving the children the chance to meet each other and work collaboratively.” 

Pupil Involvement

120 Year 5 children - 60 boys and girls from each school - worked over the course of 6 weeks to produce the artwork together.


The art project is the first of a series of large annual collaborations planned between the two schools, with the second project running in the summer at the Oval Theatre and drama based.

The relationship between the schools in terms of best practice being shared between staff is continuous.