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Teaching School Alliance and Oxbridge Support.

Partnership delivering Initial Teacher Training in support of PBTSA, in which Whitburn Academy is the lead school. Support for developmetn of Sixth Fomr at Whitburn, including university applications and Oxbridge preparation.


To share expertise through the delivery of Teacher Training as part of the teaching school alliance. To support the academic development of Whitburn pupils through providing enrichment opportunities such as the NEW leaders Conference and lectures. Support for Oxbridge entrance through mentoring and interview technique. Support for Creative Arts through sharing of expertise and university application support.  Support of the teaching school alliance through marketing support. Raising aspirations through NEW leaders programme.


The project came about through links with staff that led to the inclusion of NHSG in the teaching school alliance.

The heads at both schools recognised the iopportunity for school to school support. The links have been established since 2014.


Resources from NHSG including marketing support, staff time and expertise.

School facilities are used when delivering ITT and when interviewing Oxbridge pupils.Teaching and non-teaching staff are involved in the support.

Marketing department - 3 staff - plus teaching staff - up to 50 staff - on an ongoing basis.


Successful marketing and recruitment of ITT.

Success and qualification of ITT candidates.

Oxbridge success - pupil entry numbers.

Success in university applications.

Assessment carreid out annually on an ongoing basis, taking account of impact through numbers of successful applicants and ITT qualifications.



Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Whitburn are 16-18. 50 girls have benefitted from involvement in NEW Leaders programme. 2017 saw the first year of Oxbridge support.  there was one candidate who was successful in gaining a place to read English at New College, Oxford.  Five pupils are signed up to the support programme for 2017-18.


Ongoing partnership. Annual Oxbridge support.  Annual involvement in ITT and enrichment opportunities.  Annual NEW Leaders Conference opportunity. Expected to continue indefinitely.