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Bickley Park School provides exclusive use of it's swimming pool each Thursday to nearby St George's Bickley, COE Primary school and Edgebury school, and employs a specialist coach to teach the children.


Our aim is to continue to engage with the local community. Many swimming pools in the local area have been closed in the last 20 years, and following on from our decision to allow local swimming clubs to use our pool at weekends, it was a natural progression to offer usage to two local primary schools. These initiatives have allowed approximately 300 local children to benefit from our pool each week.


Recent engagements with local community groups have seen us offer our classrooms, theatre, sports facilties and halls for their use after school and at weekends. 

Local groups using these include drama and martial arts clubs, as well as a Turkish Language group. 

Following a school initative to create links with local primary schools, the swimming pool was offered to St George's school and more recently Edgebury school.


The school employs a specialist swimming coach for this purpose, and its premises staff maintain the pool and the other facilities for use by St George's and Edgebury. These are given over for use by St George's Edgebury each Thursday. Bickley Park School covers all of the costs.


Being able to swim and being confident in water is a key life skill, and our aim is to allow as many children as possible to achieve this. Each pupil is assessed by our swimming caoch and feedback provided to St George's and Edgebury staff. 

Pupil Involvement

Our partners pupils are currently their Y4 and Y5 year groups. Thus they are aged between 8-10 years, and comprise of both male and female students


This project is repeated weekly in term time, and is an ongoing relationship which is formally agreed annualy.